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Crusher Holds - Climbing Fingerboards

Welcome to Crusher Holds
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Your source for the best rock climbing fingerboards or hangboards, wooden climbing holds and climbing training equipment your money can buy. Designed and manufactured by climbers for climbers. Made in the UK.

Crusher Holds are one of the World Market Leaders in Wooden Fingerboards and Wooden Climbing Holds. Established in 2008. Thousands of Crusher boards are now in use throughout the globe. From their home in Lancashire, to Germany, Spain, the US, Australia and even as far as Tibet!

All Crusher fingerboards and climbing holds are individually hand crafted to the highest standards. 25 years climbing and training experience and a full generation of wood milling and turning experience go into each Fingerboard. You are therefore buying a Tried, Tested and Proven Board with the highest quality workmanship and...  a little bit of our soul :) .

Why Choose a Crusher...

Crusher pride ourselves on quality. Every fingerboard and climbing hold is made from the Highest Quality Ash Hardwood.. the old adage "what you get is what you pay for". Looks great and has the ideal texture for use as a fingerboard and unlike cheaper Softwood alternatives that will furr up and wear out, a Crusher board will last you a life time.

Crusher Fingerboards are Tried, Tested and Proven designs. With rave reviews from the likes of Climber Magazine, and Crusher Devotee and hangboard design Collaborator STEVIE HASTON!

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