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Megarail Fingerboard - 'Special Iroko Mahogany Edition'
Megarail Fingerboard - 'Special Iroko Mahogany Edition'
Megarail Fingerboard - 'Special Iroko Mahogany Edition'
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The Crusher Megarail

'Special Iroko Mahogany Edition'...


The Crusher MegaRail Fingerboard is versatility and simplicity in one. It possesses the most commonly used holds found on the Crusher fingerboards and is based on the successful Crusher Progressor. It is can be used both as a stand alone board or it can be used in multiples an a 'campus' style board, providing a unique alternative to standard campus rungs.

The MegaRail is also ideal for those who dont wish to fork out for a full depth board but that are going to gain enough variation and for it to be effective. It is ideal for all levels of climbers.

The MegaRail has warm up incut and flat jugs on the top. A 25 degree sloper. It has 4, 2 & mono holds with varying depths and so they can also be used very comfortably as a 3 finger hang.

All the holds are machine rounded with a 6mm Radius, which gives the holds a comfortable and forgiving edge.

The Holds:

Top Holds

40mm – 20 degree rounded Jug

40mm – 20 degree sloper

40mm – Flat Jug

Four Finger Edges - 20mm deep

Two Finger Pockets - 32mm & 25mm

Mono Pockets - 30mm & 20mm

The Crusher MegaRail Dimensions – 595 x 70 x 44mm (approx)

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