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Matrix 580 Fingerboard
Matrix 580 Fingerboard
Matrix 580 Fingerboard
Product Code: matrix 580
Availability: In Stock
Price: £62.95


The Baby Brother of the Matrix

Similar Features at 580mm Wide


With mono's, duo's, crimps, half crimps, pinches, two finger dinks, ergonomically designed slopers, wide pull positions, narrow pulls, its got everything you want from a finger board.

3 months of research, testing and development have gone into the Matrix 580, to make it one of the most comfortable, injury preventative, easy to use and varied boards available.


The Holds:

Top Holds
27 degree ergonomic sloper, Flat Jug, Incut Jug

Four Finger Edges
18mm Flat, 40mm Mini Jug

Three Finger Edges
27mm Deep Pinch/Open Hang Combo

Two Finger Pockets
27mm & 40mm

Mono Pockets

Four Finger Crimpers
10mm ergonomic & 15mm straight


The Matrix 580 Dimensions – 580 x 144 x 44mm



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