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Orb Portable Fingerboard
Orb Portable Fingerboard
Orb Portable Fingerboard
Product Code: orb
Availability: In Stock
Price: £14.95


The Crusher Orb (comes with attachment cord) - Also available in Pairs Here!

The Crusher Orb is a compact and portable board that is designed for two functions.

Firstly used in pairs and hung using cord, as a portable training device thats can be clipped up in seconds under a door frame or from a bar or even a tree.

Or second, as an extension to your existing board for an extra wide hanging position or as a seperate hold located above the board to campus up to.

The orbs are simple in design but very effective and hassle free.

It has 3 depths of four finger edge, 20mm, 27mm and 32mm. It is perfectly suitable to use these hold not just with all four fingers but as a flat edge for 3, 2 or even a single finger.

Each Orb has two through holes, for attaching cord. This can be done in 2 ways, to give two different hanging positions.

1. Two cords threaded completely through and tied up as 2 loops, thus the board hangs in a flat position.

2. A single knotted cord is threaded from front to back, one for each hole. Then each cord tied to one point. Thus causes the board to hang at an angle, creating a much more difficult hold to hang, good if you find your more of a gripper than you thought you were.


The Crusher Orbs Dimensions – 130 x 145 x 44mm (approx)

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