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The Wedge Portable Fingerboard
The Wedge Portable Fingerboard
The Wedge Portable Fingerboard
Product Code: Wedge
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Price: £35.00


The Wedge


The Ultimate portable training and warm-up companion for climbers your excuses for avoiding training have just run out!

You can take it with you to the crag or even climbing wall as a handy way to warm up. Stick it in the suitcase for your holidays, briefcase for business trips, or hang it at home for regular training. The Wedge will do it all.

The Wedge is a totally unique board, the first of its kind. A double sided board with four hold depths, covering all the basic needs a half pad first joint edge, full first joint edge, deep second joint slot and a brutal minging crimp.

The unique sideways hanging position is easy on the wrist and elbows but not on the forearms! Made from the very best quality FSC certified Ash, this very pleasing board will last a life time of hard use that can stimulate massive increases in finger strength yet will be subtly forgiving on the skin.

Additionally the Wedge can be held on top for full handed hangs and pull ups with the facility to attach handles, bungees or pulleys for offset pull-ups, assisted hangs and for attaching weights to perform pinch training.

The Wedges size at only 24cm long by 10cm wide and weighing in at approximately only 800 grams makes it an ideal lightweight permanent addition to your climbing pack and an excellent companion on all trips. It can be easily hung at a crag to a bolt or tree branch using the attachment loops, and left for the climbing session for warm ups and pre red point re-warm-ups.


For a video description and run down of the features of The Wedge follow the link below.

The Wedge on Vimeo


For the latest discussion on The Wedge follow the link below

The Wedge on


£35 including p&p 

delivery - approximately 5 working days



Hold Depths

41mm, 23mm, 15mm & 10mm crimp


240mm x 98mm x 75mm


Approx 800 grams


American Ash - Top grade FSC



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