CAC Climbers Against Cancer Fingerboard | Wood Hangboard


The Climber Against Cancer portable fingerboard / hangboard.

Conceived over a conversation at a local climbing festival with CAC Trustee Dom, where he pointed out the CAC glasses symbol could make a cracking fingerboard design. “If we could get it functional with different hold depths, suitably sized and lightweight enough to take to a crag, it might be a winner!” I said immediately, “This is something that has to be done, we’re on it!”


Cancer is something that most people and families come into contact with at some point in life. It certainly has with my family, losing my Father to it, a Grandparent, an Aunt and Uncle, and watching my sister fight it for a number of years to now be given the all clear. I understand and appreciate the great work and help charities like CAC do, and how important this work is. I am therefore very honoured to be a Patron and help Climbers Against Cancer by producing this board.

All profits from the sale of each board go to CAC. So for every £35 board £10 will be donated.


The CAC board itself…   it has two edge depths, the top 30mm deep and the bottom 20mm deep. Essentially the equivalent to a standard large and small campus rung, with an edge profile that matches this. The top of the board is rounded over to simulate a bar and can be used as such. It is 350mm wide by 120mm tall and 35mm thick. It is made from top quality steamed beech hardwood, so not only is it hardwearing but also lightweight. It weighs on average 750 grams.

So this board is the real deal, ideal for crag warm ups, training at home and travelling with!


If you would like to read more on the history of Climbers Against Cancer and fantastic work they do, please follow the link below.


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Why choose a Crusher Product?

Crusher pride ourselves on quality; each great looking product is made from the highest quality hardwood – the ideal climbing hold texture, which will last a lifetime – unlike cheaper softwood alternatives that will fur up and wear out.

Crusher fingerboards are tried, tested and proven designs, with rave reviews from the likes of Climber Magazine and Crusher devotee and design collaborator Stevie Haston!


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