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The Crusher pocket (and pinch) depths, angles and edge design, all come together to allow you to pull hard on them whilst giving a comfortable and safe feel. They are also a very good wide, fat and rounded pinch.

Steep board pockets (and pinch combo) – 40 degrees overhanging and upwards!

Many hours of testing and tweeking have gone into the design of these pockets.

The shallow pockets are ‘first joint’ ie. you are pulling on the first pad of your fingers.

The deep pockets are ‘joint & half’ depending on your finger length of course.

Options available:-

  • Sets of 2 holds – monos, duos or trios.
  • Mixed set of 6 – 2 monos, 2 duos & 2 trios
  • Shallow and Deep

We also offer a full return & refund to the lady/gent who has considerable ‘finger girth’ and can not fit their fingers in our pockets.

We know this will be a rare situation, but we like to think we won’t discriminate against fat fingers!

Pinch Combo – as well as a pocket these can be used equally well as nice wide rounded pinch!

Made from high quality ash or beech hardwood.

Fine grained, aesthetic and very hard wearing.

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Why choose a Crusher Product?

Crusher pride ourselves on quality; each great looking product is made from the highest quality hardwood – the ideal climbing hold texture, which will last a lifetime – unlike cheaper softwood alternatives that will fur up and wear out.

Crusher fingerboards are tried, tested and proven designs, with rave reviews from the likes of Climber Magazine and Crusher devotee and design collaborator Stevie Haston!

Additional information

Pocket Depth

Deep, Shallow

Pocket Width

Duo x2, Mono x2, Multi x6, Trio x2


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