Crusher Send Portable Fingerboard | Wood Hangboard


The Crusher Send is a very lightweight, compact and portable fingerboard.

Weighs in at a mereĀ 550 Grams. Sized at 32cm x 11cm x 3.5cm.

Ideal warm up board for a burn on your project, travelling (will fit in flight hand luggage) and home training!

It comprises of:

  • Two 1/2 pad – Four finger crimps/half crimp edges.
  • Full pad – Four finger half crimp / open handed rail.
  • Rounded top – for pull ups, lock offs, one armers & front levers.

Made from the finest quality ash or beech hardwood.

Each Send board comes complete with cord ready for use!


Why choose a Crusher Product?

Crusher pride ourselves on quality; each great looking product is made from the highest quality hardwood – the ideal climbing hold texture, which will last a lifetime – unlike cheaper softwood alternatives that will fur up and wear out.

Crusher fingerboards are tried, tested and proven designs, with rave reviews from the likes of Climber Magazine and Crusher devotee and design collaborator Stevie Haston!


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